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The purpose of the Queer District Collective (QDC) is to create a queer and LGBTQIA+ oriented district within Bretonside and the surrounding area. We aim to enhance the culture and experience of queer people and their allies with the long-term aim of creating an inclusive, safe hub for the queer community and its heritage.

In order to achieve its mission, the QDC’s focus for 2022-2023 will pursue the following five ongoing objectives:

  1. To encourage economic activity within Bretonside in partnership with local businesses, residents, QDC Members, and stakeholders.

  2. To create a safe-space for LGBTQ+ and queer identifying people in Plymouth City Centre in the form of a safety hub within the opportunity area.

  3. To develop a distinct cultural destination in Plymouth City Centre by enhancing the space in Bretonside with capital projects.

  4. To advocate for Plymouth’s LGBTQ+ and queer identifying community to public sector organisations and local decision makers.

  5. To promote LGBTQ+ and queer visibility in Plymouth through a programme of cultural activities.

Due to the interests of our current members we’ve had a focus on arts and theatre, but these are not our exclusive interests.

Maybe you could join us in widening our participation with other LGBTQIA+ events and activities in the city?