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Whose involved with QDC?

The Collective is made up of queer individuals, organisations, and their allies alike. These members have a wealth of knowledge and experience in, and not limited to: event producing and event management, community interested projects, art and performance, marketing, branding, design, and advocacy.

QDC has established links and working relationships with organisations in the city such as Barbican Theatre Plymouth, Theatre Royal Plymouth, University of Plymouth, Arts University Plymouth, Take A Part CIO, Plymouth Culture, Plymouth City Council, KARST, Minerva Cafe, The Swallow, OMG, Gossip, POP Collective, and The Old Queeriosity Shop to name just a few.

Want to get involved?

We welcome anyone who would like to assist us with generating and supporting LGBTQIA+ heritage, events, and activities in the district. Simply email us and we will respond with further information ASAP.